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Sunstone Guardian
Area Sun Kingdom
Sun Dragon


After victory

The tides of war began to change with the discovery of a child. The sole survivor of a great village fire, Asher would become the Gilded Sun Kingdom's finest Warrior. His manipulation of fire and light could not be matched by wizard or monster.

One day, deep into the Monster Wars, Asher heard rumors of a mysterious appearance of an ancient fire bird named Enix. Alone he ventured forth to challenge the beast. Asher engulfed Enix with all his fire essence, but the bird would not burn. When Enix refused to fight back, Asher decided to befriend Enix rather than attempt to take its life.


Our heroes, fresh from their victory over the dragon and in possession of the first Sunstone fragment, continue their quest to warn the dwarfys of the imminent war. The Domain of Frostburn is the coldest climate of Legendaria.

During the Monster Wars, Frostburn was cursed to be forever frozen in darkness so that no life could grow there. But soon after, a rare white creature brought light upon the land. The thick-skinned dwarfys soon followed, attracted by promises of riches, and the best brew in all of Legendaria.

Lucas: One Sunstone down. I have a feeling that things are going to get harder from here...

Eve: Lucas, I have been sent from the heavens to sooth your spirits. Summon me and your life essence shall be restored.

Strider: Ahh! That beautiful spirit, it just came out of the Sunstone and its heading twords the dwarfy castle! Let's go!

????: Cheers! Welcome to Frostburn. What's the rush brotha?!

Lucas: Did you see that Spirit?! Go'fer, you told me you only had sisters... but then again, I can never tell the difference.

Go'fer: First cousin, once removed, Sir: Master Desmond Diminish.

Des: Aye laddie, that's 'Des' for short. I was jus' chillin some brews out here, you want in?

Strider: We were actually following a Sunstone spirit. Uh your drinks are attracting the local wildlife, 'brotha'.

Lucas: They're guarding the monster castle. Looks like they were expecting us. We need to find that healer spirit.

Des: Don't worry mate you guys go to the castle. C'mon dwarfys! Put down the brews and let's bust some skulls!




For your first victory you are rewarded with 500 gems, 1 moonstone and 1 Sunstone; also, the Sun Kingdom endless mode and the Fire Storm spell are unlocked. Later tries produce ? gems each.

After this level, you will be able to unlock the healer.

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