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The Armory is where you can upgrade your troops and purchase items.

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Collecting gems Collect the gems that Miney retrieves by tapping on them. Keep collecting gems to recruit soldiers in Legendaria. It's recommended to summon mineys first before the player summons other units. Every area got his own unique type of gems.

Controls You will learn the basic controles when you play level 1 and higher in Sun Kingdom.

Hand Select an unit:: Tap on an unit to select it. When you select it the group command Icon will chance to the unit type.
Hand Attack an monster: Tap on an enemy when your unit is selected.
Hand Swith selected unit from lane: 'Tap' or 'swipe up and down' to move your selected unit to another lane.
Sun Star: When you get enough essence orbs for slaying monsters you can activate an select unit his powerfull special true tapping on this icon.
Formation Formation: Units will automatically form up into a colmn ensuring the defend all lanes.
Group command Group Command: The Group Command Icon is based on the type that is selected. Tap on this icon to unselect your current unit. Add the start of the game this function is not active yet and you will receive it on 1-4.
Left Back Arrow: Move and Goup off units to the left. If you didn't select an unit all your units will move left. Units will organize into defense formation once they reach the castle
Shield Shield: Hold and Goup off units. If you didn't select an unit all your units will move hold.
Right Forward Arrow: Move and Goup off units to the right. If you didn't select an unit all your units will move right.


Casual mode: In casual mode, units will cross lanes to attack the enemy. (This can be changed in the main menu at any time.)


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