Campaign is the game's basic mode. In this mode the player venture through 72 unique levels to defeat the Evil Lord Magma. The game takes you through the kingdom, then into Frostburn, then the Desert, following with the swamp, the once end of magma mountain, and the newly created Netherworld.


Legendary Map


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The Story

BookWorld1Intro-hd CHAPTER ONE
Our story begins in the Gilded Sun Kingdom, a rich land of swaying meadows stretching to a sunny horizon. For years it has provided a safe haven for its inhabitants, knightys, elfys and dwarfys, who although of different races lived together in peace.But this state of perpetual comfort has bred a new generation of knightys, ones who knew nothing of war. Knightys like Lucas, the only son of the High General of the Gilded Sun Army.On that day, Lucas was training with his elfy friend Strider. That's when everything changed...
BookIntro1-hd The tides of war began to change with the discovery of a child. The sole survivor of a great village fire, Asher would become the Gilded Sun Kingdom's finest Warrior. His manipulation of fire and light could not be matched by wizard or monster.

One day, deep into the Monster Wars, Asher heard rumors of a mysterious apperance of an ancient fire bird named Enix. Alone he ventured forth to challenge the beast. Asher engulfed Enix with all his fire essence, but the bird would not burn. When Enix refused to fight back, Asher decided to befriend Enix rather than attempt to take its life.

BookWorld2Intro-hd CHAPTER TWO
Our heroes, fresh from their victory over the dragon and in possession of the first Sunstone fragment, continue their quest to warn the dwarfys of the imminent war. The Domain of Frostburn is the coldest climate of Legendaria.During the Monster Wars, Frostburn was cursed to be forever frozen in darkness so that no life could grow there. But soon after, a rare white creature brought light upon the land. The thick-skinned dwarfys soon followed, attracted by promises of riches, and the best brew in all of Legendaria.

On the final day of the Monster Wars, Asher faced off against Lord Magma, ruler of the Netherworld. A great battle raged, but Asher could not withstand the evil force and succumbed to the dark beast. In that final moment, Enix burst into ashes and released such an intense light that it sealed Lord Magma deep inside the Mountain.


The fire engulfed Asher, but would not burn him. All that remained of the legendary Phoenix was a golden stone said to contain Enix's spirit. Fearing a connection between the stone and Lord Magma, the great Sages split the Sunstone into four fragments and hid them across the kingdoms of Legendaria. Asher was never seen again...

BookWorld3Intro-hd CHAPTER THREE
The quest for the Sunstones heats up as our heroes arrive at Legendaria's most barren desert. Castle Oasis was founded by one of Legendaria's most renowned wise men, the Great Sage Leo, who built it in the desert under the mistaken assumption......that it would be the sole haven in a forthcoming Monster Wars. Unfortunately for Sage Leo, water and food was scarce and no one followed his footsteps.It is told that the disappointed Sage used his magic to create a new race of beings to protect the land.
BookWorld4Intro-hd Eeons ago, the Royal Sage Felix and his apprentices were banished from the Gilded Sun Kingdom when they refused to reveal what happend to the Sunstone.

Hoping to make a new life for themselves, the wizards settled in Castle Vinethorne and started advertising it as a non-traveling magic show.

Unfortunately, the uncongenial habitat of the Mystic Swamp kept potential customers away (or at least, customers who valued their lives), and the plan was doomed to fail.

It is told that the Sages split the Sunstone in the Mystic Swamp and summoned the Guardians in the Valley of the Myst.

BookWorld1Intro-hd CHAPTER FOUR
After receiving a tip from the Golem King, our heroes follow Goregon and the gargoyles, in hope of finding clues to the whereabouts of the fourth and final Sunstone fragment.When they arrive at the dreaded Mystic Swamp, they find themselves in the middle of Goregon's trap.
BookWorld5Intro-hd CHAPTER 5
Mystery has always surrounded the origin of Magma Mountain. No one really knows when it appeared and why nothing can live there. But maps in Legendaria feature only a skully head in place of the ancient volcano. Our heroes set out on the last portion of their long journey...hoping to once and for all rid the world of the Netherworld scourge. But to accomplish the task, they must figure out the ancient riddle of the Sunstone…



They say that all legends start here.

Many tales were swept away from memory by the stream of time. But the legend of the Sunstone will never be forgotten...

BookWorld5Intro-hd The legend of the Sunstone began in the Valley of Myst, during the time of the Monster Wars. When Magma Mountain erupted, powerful creatures burst forth from the Netherworld, terrorizing the land.

Time distorts memories and history is set to repeat..


As the final battle of the Legendary Wars waged on, the Monster Army was pushed back through the Netherworld Gates.

All remaining monsters dissipated into ashes the moment Lord Magma was defeated. Victory was at hand!

Enix did the job for which he was resurrected; to destroy Lord Magma and seal the Netherworld Gates for good.

The Sunstone was all that remained of the legendary firebird, and what was once broken was whole again. Lucas swore to protect the Sunstone with his life.

And so it was that Lucas and his friends were able to resurrect the Phoenix, seal the Netherworld Gates and save Legendaria from destruction.

Although they each went their separate ways, they will never forget their time in the Legendary Wars.

BookEndingWiz-hd Felix went back to the swamp. Convinced that he was stuck in the future, he used magic to make Vinethorne a technological marvel and the tourists soon followed.

And so, his dream of making the Mystic Swamp a tourist attraction finally came true.

BookEndingGolem-hd Golan went back to Desert Oasis and became a golem protector; the highest rank in the Golem King's Kingdom. He still visits Des and Go'fer in the Gilded Sun.

Thanks to his efforts, Golems were finally accepted as official citizens of Legendaria.

BookEndingUni-hd Spike settled down with a beautiful Uni. They happily live together in the hidden valley of Frostburn at the end of the rainbow.

He gave up fighting for good and is quite the family man now, a father of two little spikeys and one on the way.

BookEndingDwarfy-hd Des moved to the Gilded Sun Kingdom where he started his own branch of Legendarian brew. His special brand is a drink so pungent it has a double use as armor polish.

He and Go'fer started a catering business and are doing quite well for themselves.

BookEndingElfy-hd Prince Strider went back to Elfy woods where he built an arena, in whichß soldiers all across Legendaria could prove themselves in combat.

He swore that on his watch, The Gilded Sun Kingdom will never be caught off guard again...

Lucas decided against becoming the High General of the Gilded Sun. Instead he ventured to investigate his mysterious connection to Asher and Enix.

This part of the story ends here, but time distorts memories, and not all stories are told the same way...

Sun Kingdom


Desert Oasis

Mystic Swamp

Magma Mountain


During the campaign you get some hints to complete the levels:

  • For Level 1-8: The High General, it's smart to upgrade your Knight to Tier 2. Once you reach the desert, Knights become quite useless. Repeat this on Had and Legendary difficulties so that your Knights reach Tier 3, like the High General.
  • The above strategy can also apply to Golems and Wizards.
  • Unicorns are, in fact, not necessary for winning the campaign. Their use comes later in the game: endless arena, endless cows and to speed up endless defense.
  • Elfs are recommended to upgrade even though there are no hints in the campaign. Just think about the tower elves, which can become of great use in higher tiers.
  • Although Phoenixes cost a lot of gems, they can be useful in some levels. However, if you're good enough to finish them without a Phoenix, you can save up a lot of gems to use for other units. If you do want to use Phoenixes, upgrade them directly to Tier 3. Then they becomes really useful, as they is mid range.
  • Phoenixes are not too hard to summon if you have high mining (e.g. 60 starting gems, 9 gems per trip). So upgrading the Miner's stats can be very useful for summoning powerful units like Golems, Wizards, and Phoenixes.


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