Gems are the standard prize for clearing any level of mode. They are awarded after every mission. The amount awarded varies, as there is a fixed amount after completing a mission, or based on the player's time survived of monsters killed. Gems can be used to train troops or upgrade the player's castle.


Moonstones, which are won from a variety of places, are crutial to improving the player's army. They allow the player to upgrade troop's armor, buy and upgrade spells, hire more mineys, buy more castle elfys, and buying magic touch. Moonstones are somewhat rare, but extremely useful.

Moonstones Locations

  •  Main game in various places such as 1-6.
  •  For killing 100 and 200 enemies in each of the Endless Sides scrolling areas.
  • Killing 300, 500, and 1,000 enemies in the Wizard defence bonus mode.
  • For clearing waves 10, 25 and 50 in each of the Endless Waves areas.
  • Monster Arena for clearing every 10th wave up to and including wave 100 (no moonstones for wave 110 of later)
  • Endless Cows mode.
  • Liking Legenday Wars on Facebook.
  • In-game purchase.
  • Code Swopping (must be done before starting the game).
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