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You can find a strategy to pass this mode here.

The arena pits your forces against the monsters. You start in the middle of the three lane arena. You can summon one of each of your forces. As you kill monsters, they leave gems on the ground that you need to pick up. You use these gems to summon your heroes. Every level ending in a 5 has a mini-boss. Every 10th level is a boss/moonstone challenge. The mini-bosses will attack you as soon as they spawn, whereas the bosses will wait atht the bottom right corner for you to attack them first.

The arena starts to get hard around level 45.


Level 1

  • Monsters: Tier 2 Skully, Skully Archer, Imp, ?

Level 10

  • Moonstone Challenge: Imp Boss


  • Imp Boss (boss 1; level 10)
  • Zombie Troll (boss ?; level ?)
  • Spider Queen (boss ?; level ?)
  • Sand Dragon (boss ?; level ?)
  • Snow Beast (boss ?; level ?)
  • Lord Magma (boss ?; level ?)
  • Trolls (boss ?; level ?)
  • Sun Dragon (boss ?; level ?)
  • Bone Dragon (boss ?; level ?)
  • Ice Dragon (boss ?; level ?)
Note: In some codes they can also come back as mini-boss
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