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You can find a strategy to pass this mode here.

Endless Waves is a bonus mode that can be fought in each of the 5 areas. The areas you experience later in the game start at a high difficulty. Each wave is slightly harder that the one before it, with bosses comming at waves 10, 25, and 50. Except for the boss waves, every wave has a castle that needs to be destroyed to complete the level.



  • Monsters: Skully, Skully Archer, Zombie
    • 50 killed: 22x Skully; 15x Zombie; 13x Skully archer
  • Rewards: 100 gems
  • Glitch: Armory button will not work in the rewards screen


  • Monsters: Skully, Skullyarcher, Zombie, Vampy, Vampybat, Wolfy
    • 50 killed: 16x Skully; 12x Zombie; 12x Skully archer, 4x Vampy, 4x Vampybat, 2x Wolfy
  • Rewards: 100 gems


  • Monsters: Skully, Skullyarcher, Zombie, Skully Elite, Gargogyle
    • 46 killed: 17x Skully; 20x Zombie; 3x Skullyarcher, 4x Skully Elite, 2x Gargogyle
  • Rewards: 100 gems
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