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Gargoyle Tier 1 Basic gargoyle
A tier 1 Gargoyle
Class Defensive monster
Type Melee
Opposite Golem
Boss 1
Name Gargoyle Boss
Tier 1 (big)
Boss 2
Name Goregon
Tier 2 (big)
Appear C 4-6
Tier 1 Stone Gargoyle
Tier 2 Gladiator Gargoyle
Tier 3 Nether Gargoyle Minion
Tier 4 Nether Goregon

Gargoyles are bulky soldiers of rock. They have very high defense.


Goregon is one of the bosses in worlds 3 and 5. He is, as his name suggests, a Gorgon (another word for Gargoyle). He is very egotistical about how buff he is and is a bit obsessed with his self-image.

As he is a Gorgon, he has all the same powers, just with greater strength and power. He can do the same jump-slam combo that stuns your units. In 4-6, where you fight him, it is highly recommended to invest on pricey, bulky units like Dwarves, Golems and Wizards rather than massing cheaper units as his special does large splash damage being able to quickly kill Knights and Elfs, regardless of number.



Their special is to jump on the opponent, stunning it.


  • Goregon's jumping special is extremely powerful and seems to have almost no limits. Sometimes when fighting him he simply uses it over and over, rendering him invincible while your units take massive damage. Sometimes he does this near the castle, destroying it in a few jumps without you being able to do anything to stop him. To prevent this, you might want to upgrade your castle health!
  • Goregon is a Tier 2 Gargoyle in Monster Wars.
  • Gargoyles are very powerful monsters. Their special can wipe out your forces easily, so it's a good idea to send out a Golem to kill one because Golems are not affected by the special.


  • A tier 1 Gargoyle
  • A tier 2 Gargoyle (Goregon)


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