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Legendary Wars has been rereleased on September 3, 2019!


Welcome to Legendary Wars wiki. On this site, you can find a lot of basic information about the game Legendary Wars from Liv Games. It's a unique RTS-Action RPG game for iPhone, iPod and iPad.


You can help us make this Wiki even bigger. If something doesn't exist, will it be Units, Monsters or anything, don't be shy and make a new article! You can also help by expanding/correcting some of the articles in the Article Stubs Category and Article Spelling Category

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Destroyerkhaos Destroyerkhaos 2 December 2020

UCP and Polls

Hello all,

I know there isn't very many, if at all, readers of the Fandom/Wiki anymore.

However, since today, there has been a banner announcing the inevitable move of the Fandom to the new United Community Platform, Fandom's initiative to merge Gamepedia and Fandom/Wikia together.

As one of their ini…

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Destroyerkhaos Destroyerkhaos 28 November 2020

Journey to 1.5.5

A few months ago, I wanted to get my hands on a pre-2.0 version of Legendary Wars, preferably pre-1.2, but as I searched the internet, I only found a way to play Version 1.5.5 and Version 1.5.1. Since apparently the latter had a devastating bug which could roll back your save progress, I went with …

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Destroyerkhaos Destroyerkhaos 12 September 2020

How to activate Gem Doubler (2.3)

In case people want the gem doubler but cannot normally get it, here are simple instructions on how to get the doubler.

How to activate doubler:

1. Be able to edit your save file known as Profile.plist, this can be done in a variety of ways.

2. Copy this code between the string of "macid" and "purchas…

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