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Tier 1 reap
A tier 1 Reap
Class Defensive monster
Type Mid range
Opposite Wizard
Boss 1
Name Reap Boss
Tier 1 (big)
Boss 2
Name Grimm
Tier 3
Tier 1 Reap
Tier 2  ?
Tier 3  ?

The Reap is a strong mid range monster and currently the second last monster to be encountered in the campaign. They are first encountered in the Mystic Swamp.


When you encounter them, Reaps will attack with their scythe, which creates a beam of up to mid range. This makes them very dangerous against almost every kind of unit. Use Wizards to best them or the powerful special of the Dwarf. Fast can work in a pinch as well, as their speed is quite helpful against ranged enemies. Reaps are immune to burn[not sure].


They are defensive monsters.


They have a powerful offensive special known as the 'Reap Ray' which can hit multiple enemies in a lane.

In Tier 3 (Grimm), it also turns units into Skullys.



Grinm is introduced in the game in the Mystic Swamp. You will battle him at Magma Mountain in level 5-9.

Grimm is the leader of the Reaps. Apart from being more powerful than normal reapers, he shares the same moves as them, except that his reap ray ability, which turns slain infantry into Skullys as well, is violet instead of red and deals massive damage. Also, he attacks two times, both with his normal attack and his special. As you fight him in 4-9, he is immensely strong and it is recommended to aim for the castle whilst distracting him with bulkier units like Golems, Wizards, and Phoenixes.


  • Their special is similar to the Tier 3 Wizard's normal attack.
  • Reap is thought to have breathing problems as when you beat level 5-9 he coughs and Golan says that he needs an inhaler.
  • He can be defeated with some higher tier Wizards.
  • He has a no-nonsense wicked personality and does not tolerate failure.
  • Grimm is a Tier 3 Reap.
  • In Monster wars, Grimm leads the monster rebellion before Lord Magma is resurrected.
  • In their first appearance in the campaign, they don't use their special. They only start using it in 4-8/9[not sure].
  • Their HP seems to increase during the levels at a higher rate than that of any other unit.
  • It seems that Reaps are, in fact, upgraded Skullys. In Monster Wars, Funny Bones hopes that he will be granted reap status.



  • A Tier 1 reap
  • A Tier 2 reap (unreleased)
  • A Tier 3 reap (Grimm)
  • Grimm Reap


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