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Tree Sprite
Tree Sprite Tier 1
A tier 1 Tree Sprite
Type Melee
Opposite Medusa
Name Sprite
Tier 1
Join 1 Moonstone
Cost 65 gems
Tier 1 Tree Sprite
Tier 2 Vine Whip
Tier 3 Thorn Whip
Tier 4 Piranah Plant
Tier 5 Sky Spike Piranah Plant


The Tree Sprite attacks with her vine. In tier 2, she poisons enemies, too.

Sprite is a defensive unit (utilising her bombs) in tiers 1-3, but becomes both a defensive and offensive unit in tiers 4-5 since her plants can also attack. Sprite also seems to have a slight advantage over reapers and spiders.


In Tiers 1-3, the Sprite's special is made of small flowers that sprout out of the ground and detonate when an enemy comes into contact.

In tier 1-3 the sprite after using its special it gains a green aura that damages meele attackers who hit the tree sprite, in tier 1 the aura even if it can be seen it does no damage, at tier 3 it has increased duration. 

Once it reaches Tier 4, the Sprite can summon up to 3 little plant minions. They are stationary at Tier 4, but will attack enemies and explode in a poison blast when they die.

On tier 5 the Sprites pet is mobile and will follow her around like the regular pets. They still explode when dying, like tier 3 and 4 Imps.



  • Tree Sprite Tier 1
  • Tree Sprite Tier 2
  • Tree Sprite Tier 3
  • Tree Sprite Tier 4
  • Tree Sprite Tier 5
  • Tree Sprite Concept Art

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Passive: Miner

Melee: Knight · Dwarf · Golem · Centaur · Tree Sprite · Phoenix
Mid range: Faun · Rogue · Unicorn · Healer · Phoenix
Long range: Elf · Wizard
Summoned: Fairy

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