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Version 1.7.7

Progress Notes from Facebook

We will add all these cool new modes, characters and features in Legendary Wars 2.0!

Possible this would be the content from monster wars (castle crush mode, the faun, etc...)

Spike can fly? Just wait till you see his Skyhaven Armor. LW 2.0 work is continuing to progress. We can announce there will be 4 New Heroes with tier upgrades (1 which will be a winner from the art contest and at least 2 new bosses and over a dozen new monsters. Character selection from Monster Wars will also make it in to Legendary Wars 2. As well as a whole new land that is new to the series.

Tier 5 units confirmed, 4 new heroes (Faun, 1 from art contest, 1 unknown and possible hero catapult)

Legendary Wars 2.0 update: We are rebuilding the animation engine from scratch. This is proving very time consuming but will allow the animations to be 3X smoother and reduce app size and load times by 50-70%. The tier 5 units are done. Now we are awaiting on Art to build the new world, and introduce the 4 new characters (1 of which will be from the art contest) Character selection is already in. We are hoping for a late release for next month since the ipad 3 retina support is also something were looking into! </small>

Rebuilding animation engine confirmed, one of them will be from the art contest.

And without further info here is the new Centaur Hero for LW 2.0! he is fast, has ranged and close attacks! Anyone who follows Book of Ice and Fire/ Game of Thrones might see a hint of Dothraki influence.

Winner art contest the offensive centaur, also rumors for an minotaur monster.

Legendary Wars 2.0 Things are progressing as we have put in 3 Brand new enemies/bosses and 8 new monsters from Monster Wars. Because of the amount of new art/animation/levels and modes we need things will probably have to be delayed until May. But it will be worth it! We have revealed 1 out of 4 New heroes for LW 2.0. The Centaur. Today We focus on the Tree Sprite. You can see a concept of her above. She will have a combination of magical abilities (call upon the forces of nature) with a brand new weapon. (not the balloon sword stand in). What weapon would new weapon would you like to see. We personally like the idea of a Vine Whip.

New unit: The Tree Sprite. And confirm that we will see the monster wars characters in LW so 11 new monsters!!

Legendary Wars 2.0: The Netherworld! The heroes invade the dark realm! Look for all new monsters and bosses not previously seen and a gigantic new final boss. Expect some surprises. The Netherworld will be larger than Skyhaven with lots of new levels including hack and slash and big war.

More info on the netherworld area.

Friday update part 2! First Wave of LW2.0 Heroes Revealed! There will be at least 3 Tiers of each new hero. All heroes pictures are tier 1 (unless otherwise noted) One consistent request we had is not enough female heroes. The other is an assassin/ninja unit. We thought we would combine the two. The result is the Rogue Assassin.

1. Rogue Assassin - extremely fast (runs) , medium ranged unit. Throws daggers, can sneak on enemies from behind, and might even hide in the shadows. A good alternative to archers.

2. Faun Bard. Plays a mean harp. Primarily a magic user: can heal wounds, confuse, make enemies fall asleep. Fast and a much cheaper alternative to the healer. Look for him to get pretty mean/awesome in later tiers.

3. Wood Sprite. Medium range whip attack can stun enemies. She can leave poisonous bomb flowers on the ground! These will explode and poison when enemies walk over them! Great new line of defense.

4. Centaur - slow and strong tanks. These are unicorns on steroids. Their spear throw special. can go through multiple enemies in one row.

New unit: Rogue Assassin and more details on the other new units.

Here is one of the Final LW2.0 bosses: Nether Reaper. He is going to be as tough as he looks. He will be able to teleport anywhere on the screen - no hero will be safe.

LW: The final 4 characters have been put in to the game and now we are working on their new tiers.

Here are the final new characters specials.

1. Faun (20 gems): Magical Melody: Causes monsters to fall asleep. They won't wake up until your heroes will smack the. Later tiers will cause monsters confusion, fear and suicide.

2. Centaur (85 gems): Spear Throw: will go through multiple victims and push them back as it goes through them. Powerful stuff.

3. Rogue Assassin (30 gems): Uses a smoke bomb to disappear and reappear behind enemies for huge critical hit warping across the screen:

4: Sprite (125 gems): Flower Mine: Leaves a flower on the ground that opens up and explodes when stepped on. Can poison and root enemies.

I know many of you have waited patiently but we are going to be implementing over 30 new monsters and bosses, and at least 20 new levels in the Netherworld. As soon as we feel like we can put a release date, we will tell you here first. It should be sooner than later.

New units' specials, one of the Netherworld bosses revealed

Here is the Tier 2 Sprite. Like the Tier 1, her special will summon small plant bombs that stout out of the ground. Her upgraded whip attack will also poison enemies for extra damage.

Tree sprite tier 2: poisons enemies

Today we have a line up of the Centaur Tiers 1-3 side by side with their original concepts by Nour.

As a side update... On the code side, we also added 20 new levels to Legendary Wars with a whole slew of new bosses from Monster Wars (and with that a bunch more moonstones for all your upgrading needs).

Netherworld will contain 20 new levels

As to when the patch (LW2.0) will be out, we are aiming to release soem time in July.

Version 2.0 will be released mid July. The release date however can still get an delay.

The Tier 5 Golem... (No it's not the Cyclops)

He will keep the "Ground Pound" special from Tier 4, and his new shield will give him even more defense than he had before!

Tier 5 golem is not the Cyclop.

Character Spotlight: Faun (Summon cost 30 Gems)

He is back from Monster Wars. While Monsters easily discounted the fauns in LW 2.0 they are a different story. The fauns are medium ranged defensive heroes that use harps and music to take down monsters. These mystical creatures can cure ally ailments, and even cause monsters confusion, dizziness and sleepiness.

Don't discount the fauns, at higher tiers they gain new magical abilities.

Tip: At later tiers (4/5) Fauns unleash their beast inside them and become extremely powerful allies with magical abilities and brute force.

Legendary Wars 2.0 is wrapping up this month and scheduled for release sometime next month.

-It will contain all 8 Sky Haven Armors. -5 New charters with multiple tiers. -20 New Monsters and Bosses. -20+ new levels in a brand new Netherworld campaign. -New Summon Spell -New gameplay modes more.

Information on the faun and the release date (in August)

Liv Games Friday Update:

Enemy Spotlight! NETHER CERBERUS

This is one of the last enemies that the Legendary Wars heroes will have to face in the Netherworld.

Darkened him up a bit as per Jens's recommendation. Thanks for all the feedback everyone!

The nether cerberus revealed!!!

Reveal - Legendary Wars 2.0 Logo! Get Excited, were wrapping up the last 4 Big levels.

We still need to finalize the new mode which will be littered with new bosses and new gameplay

Were on the last stretch and it looks like It's wrapping up next month - as long as no big bugs show up!

Progress update and new logo revealed

The Tier Four Faun: Minotaur. He has the same ability to buff troops around him, but with way more awesomeness than the puny harp of the previous tiers

Here is the Tier FIVE Faun...Minotaur Rock Star! He has the same abilities as before, but does them with much more AWESOMENESS! We loved the idea of a "Guitar Smash" upon death and we'll try to put something like that in

Info about the tier 4 and 5 faun

Tier 4 Sprite

In Tier 1-3 the Sprite's special is made of small flowers that sprout out of the ground and detonate when an enemy comes into contact. Once you reach Tier 4, the Sprite can summon up to 3 of these new little plant minions. They are stationary at Tier 4, but will attack enemies and explode in a poison blast when they die.

PS. - Glad to see a bunch of you joined the fan created "Legendary Wars & Monster Wars Group" here on Facebook.

- If you are having trouble beating levels or want to know more about the games, you should check out the wikias as well.

More info about the tree sprite up to tier 4.

Alright, today we have the completed Tier 1-5 Rogue.

She will join your army soon after you enter the Netherworld in Legendary Wars 2.0.

For her regular attack she throws daggers, and later large ninja stars. When she uses her special, she disappears in a puff of smoke and then quickly reappears behind an enemy to stab them in the back. Later tiers will have her jump around to multiple enemies and cut them down with a pair of katanas.

Info about Tier 1-5 Rogue Assassin.

Today we have the completed Tier 4 Centaur.

For anyone that didn't know, the Centaur (Tier 1-3) was designed by LW & MW fan Nour during the last art contest. The Tier 4 is the first tier that he didn't design, so I hope that he approves!

If you haven't already, check out the Liv Games LW and MW Group. Felix our creative director and character artist will be there to get your feedback and share progress for LW 2.0 and other Liv Games related updates

The Tier 4 Centaur, make sure you check out the LW and MW Group to see fan art in legendary style!!

Hello everyone, today we have for you the final tier of the Centaur. This time outfitted in his Skyhaven armor.

The Tier 5 Centaur!

Tier 5 Centaur is unveiled.

Hello everyone, today we have for you the final tier of the Sprite and her Minion. This time outfitted in her Skyhaven armor.

The Sprites pet is now mobile and will follow her around like the Necromancer's pets.

The Tier 5 Sprite!

Tier 5 Tree Sprite is unveiled.

Something Evil lurks in the depths of the Netherworld. This is a taste of what you have left to face on your adventure!

To answer all the questions regarding when 2.0 will be out. We are wrapping up all the levels this week, and plan to go into beta soon. Once we feel the game is ready for you all, It will be submitted to Apple.

Something Evil revealed and annoucement update delay up to october.

Friday Update:

Thought you all might like to see a shot from he new Challenge Mode levels coming to Legendary Wars 2.0.

  • There are going to be 10 levels from each zone (60 total) each with their own specific goals and often with a time limit.
  • There is a new Control scheme that allows you to only three characters that you can switch between at any time to make use of their specials.
  • These new challenge levels come packed with Gems and Moonstones for all your 2.0 upgrading needs.
  • It will also be available to players right at the beginning of the game, giving you more ways to get resources early when starting a new Champaign/save file.

Challenge Mode is unveiled.

Friday Update!

The Tier 4 Nether Dragon... A new enemy in the land of Legendaria and a new soldier in Lord Magma's army in Monster Wars!

Tier 4 Dragon is unveiled.

Weekly Friday Update:
The Tier 4 Medusa!
This bad girl will make a great new addition to any monster army!
But watch out... She isn't too pretty when you get close =P

Tier 4 Medusa is unveiled.

Hello Everyone,

Weekly Friday Update:

The Tier 4 Lich's Ghost summon!

This one is a bit of a teaser as you all know this guy comes with some powerful monster backup...

Look out for his master in next weeks Friday Update.

Tier 4 Lich's ghost is unveiled.

Weekly Friday Update:

The Tier 4 Lich!

Not quite sure what his special is going to be yet... I really liked Nour's idea of possession. I think that would be really cool.

Tier 4 Lich is unveiled.

Liv Games Friday Update: Legendary Wars 2.0 is now complete and is going through beta testing. In order to celebrate we want everyone to download it for Free before 2.0 comes out! Thank you so much to all the fans who have been patient and waited almost a year for it to come! We thank you with all our hearts :D

We are also planning another big Monster Wars update this holiday season. and maybe even only a few weeks after LW 2.0 comes out to tie in and complete the tier 4 monsters.

Lastly If you haven't checked out Wizardlings, give it a whirl. its a cute casual adventure game we made for Square Enix. Very charming and the little ones should enjoy it!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Beta testing started.

Friday Update!

Doing Final Bug Fixes!!! Submission next week... Then your LW addictions are only being held back my Apple's approval! =) See you all in Legendaria soon!

Put this together for you all while testing upgrades in the armory!

Which Unit Are you all most excited for?

Last bug fixes.

Liv Games Wednesday Update?!!

Hi Everyone, sorry we missed last friday's update, but we've been busy finishing LW2.0! We would like to announce that Legendary Wars 2.0 has been submitted to Apple, and barring any crazy issues, it will be out Thursday November 29th! (Exactly 364 days since our last update!)

Full update notes: Welcome to the biggest free update ever! -Now Universal (LW HD Only) with iCloud support for device sharing! -iPhone 5 ios6 support taking advantage of extra resolution! -New 21 level Netherworld Campaign with a whole new story, characters and monsters! -New character selection screen - use any of your favorite characters at any level! -4 New Hero Characters with 5 tiers, each with unique abilities (Rogue, Sprite, Centaur, Faun). -New Awesome 60 Level Challenge Mode with brand new gameplay! -20 New Legendary Armors for new units -5 New Tier 5 Heavenly Armor for our original legendary heroes! -5 New Bosses and 20 new Monsters from Monster Wars. -old levels have new gameplay and items hidden through out! -Play the Monster Wars Campaign from the Main Menu! -Brand new User interface and amazing menu graphics! -Lots of new improvements, art and style!

Thank you to all our fans who waited patiently this year and made Legendary Wars a hit. This one's for you! Enjoy LW2.0!

Monster Wars 1.5 Coming This Holiday season!

LW 2.0 submitted!

Tier 5 Units

  • Tier 5 Unicorn: Pegasus
  • Tier 5 Golem: The Sky[not sure] Golem
  • Tier 5 Healer: The Skyhaven Healer
  • Tier 5 Wizard: The Sky Sage
  • Tier 5 Phoenix: The Sun Phoenix

New Units

  • Centaur Tiers 1-5
  • Faun Tiers 1-5
  • Tree Sprite Tiers 1-5
  • Rogue Assassin Tiers 1-5

New Monsters

  • Dead Knight
  • Goblin
  • Nether Goblin
  • Necromancer
  • Medusa
  • Nether Medusa
  • Lich
  • Nether Lich
  • Ghost
  • Nether Ghost
  • Lizard
  • Cerberus
  • Catapult (unknown)
  • Tentacle (unknown)
  • Gremlin (unknown)

Higher Tier Monsters

  • Skully "tier 3-4"
  • Skully Archer "tier 2-4"
  • Zombie "tier 3"
  • Zombie "tier 4"
  • Imp "tier 4"
  • Vamp "tier 4"
  • Spider "tier 4"
  • Wolf "tier 4"
  • Demon Gargoyle (tier 4)
  • Nether Reap
  • Nether Dragon

New Area

The Netherworld! The heroes invade the dark realm! Look for all new monsters and bosses not previously seen and a gigantic new final boss. Expect some surprises. The Netherworld will be larger than Skyhaven with lots of new levels including hack and slash and big war. We will have 21 new levels.

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New Bosses:
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The Rogue Assassin and the Lizzy

  • Mantis
  • Cerberus (Possibly Nether Cerberus)
  • Nether Dragon
  • Reap (tier 4)

The Challenge Mode

New Modes:

  • Challenge: A unique Twist, you get 3 characters to control in an hackslash style levels.
  • Catapult Castle Crush (not confirmed yet)


  • Rebuilding the animation engine from scratch (smoother animation and faster load times)
  • New units system
  • Sidescrolling Challenge Mode with 60 Levels
  • Were shooting to finish by Sept 1st, then it takes 2 weeks or so for the Appstore, so next Month (finally).


  • Crash when trying to use not bought spells
  • Crash when trying to choose the Phoenix (Normal-6-4 iPod Touch4)
  • The use of the rainbow spell will result into victory without doing anything else. The enemies have defeated themself.
  • Game use an lot of ram (or missing some iferrors) this can cause some crashed:
  • Crash when there are to many units at the battlefield


This is the biggest and longest update.

knight tier 6 is new fast holy knight

elf tier 6 is stronger super speed and ice arrows